Monday, August 31, 2009

New Advertising Hot Spot: Bus Benches

First, District 9 took the advertising route normally favored by local real estate agents:

Now, "Cougar Town" returns the bus bench ad to its roots — but in a national, meta sort of way:

No idea what happens when you call those numbers. Anyone want to waste 30 seconds of their day to find out?

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QuadSevens said...

I've called the District 9 number. I saw the ad on a bilboard and was curious. It's a recording that allows you to either apply for a job or report your non-human sighting. It's basically an answering machine where you can leave a wild non-human story.

Steve Sax said...

Cougar town gets a busy signal. Hmm.

Eric Karros said...

Where would you rather live, District 9 or Cougartown?

Kyle Baker said...

What if a spaceship full of cougars suddenly appeared from the sky and hovered over LA, eventually causing us to discover its cargo and subjugate that cougar cargo to a limited existence within government-controlled boundaries (e.g., adult meat markets like Twin Palms in Pasadena)?