Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rbnlaw's Adventures in SF

SoSG reader and frequent commenter rbnlaw sends us these pictures, from his trip to enemy territory (Big Phone Park) earlier this week. First, his seats:

And the view over left-center field, which even a Dodger fan has to admit is pretty spectacular:

And finally, a shot entitled "action in the pen" as the Dodgers get the reinforcements ready:

As some of you know, rbnlaw also won the SoSG lottery contest for a "Dodgers: Past and Present" book. Just to let you all know that we actually do mail this stuff, here's a picture of rbnlaw (who lost his eyes and scalp in a horrible shampoo accident) with said prize:

Thanks for sending us the shots, rbnlaw! Hope to see you at the Stadium, friendly territory, soon!


rbnlaw said...

I'm actually better looking in person. . .or so I'm told.

Thanks for posting the pics. Sorry about the quality as I was using my Blackjack's camera. Had I been quicker, a shot of JP shopping in Market Square and Rickey Henderson on our flight into Long Beach would have been taken.

Kyle Baker said...

Good stuff. Still haven't made it up there but would love to sometime.