Friday, August 21, 2009

Let's Play "Guess The Torre Quote Subject"

As per Dylan Hernandez in today's LAT (no link--that would ruin the game!), Joe Torre said the following yesterday about a particular Dodger:

"...[He's] in line with everyone else. He's swinging hard. He knows why he's in the lineup. He knows we can count on him. He tries to be that guy. Sometimes he gets a little too big."

About whom is Torre talking?

Just to make things easier, I'll boil this down to bullet points:

  • a) In line with everyone else.
  • b) Swings hard.
  • c) Knows why he's in the lineup.
  • d) Tries to be that guy.
  • e) Sometimes, gets too big.

And to further help you out if you're playing at home, we'll take the example of 2009 season's Most Impressive Substitute award, Juan Pierre. Pierre would qualify for (a), (b) (relatively speaking, of course), and (d). But Pierre would not qualify for (c) right now, as he's no longer starting; nor has anyone ever accused Pierre of (e). So Pierre would not be the right answer.

Post your guesses in the comments!


Jimbo said...

Knowing Torre, it is either Loney or Kemp.

Loney because he has been REALLY struggling. Or Kemp because he is just underappreciated by Torre.

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

I think it's Martin

Erin said...

I know who it is because I was there when he said it, so I'm not going to play.

In other news, I just saw Ethier on Larchmont, walking across the crosswalk in front of my car. Christine rolled down the window and said, "Hey Andre, go Dodgers!" He waved and smiled.

Steve K said...

My first thought was the same as Gagne's... but I'm afraid he's actually talking about Manny. Hopefully it's Martin.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I'd say Manny.

Josh S. said...

Furcal, just to be different.

Steve Sax said...

Erin! My wife and I just ate lunch on Larchmont! Sorry we missed you (and that Ethier guy).

We need a homing beacon (homie beacon?) for SoSG readers.

Erin said...

Dammit, Sax! You need to keep me updated on your itinerary at all times! We were grabbing a quick bite at Z Pizza and a coffee at Peet's. Andre was down toward the north end, by the wine and cheese shop, and Wells Fargo.

But we'll see you Sunday.

Kyle Baker said...

Heh...I like the idea of a SoSG homing beacon. Especially for before or during games. It could be a device like the big flashy vibrating pagers they give you at busy chain restaurants.