Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rockies Pick Up Giambi; Denver Hair Salons Rejoice

We knew Jason Giambi was going somewhere. Why not Colorado?

DENVER (AP) - The Colorado Rockies signed former AL MVP Jason Giambi to a minor league contract Monday.

The 38-year-old Giambi will report to Triple-A Colorado Springs, hoping for a September call-up to help the Rockies with their pennant push. Colorado went into Monday's game against San Francisco with a three-game lead in the NL wild-card race.

"He's a veteran guy that understands this point and time of the season, that's been there and done that," Rockies manager Jim Tracy said. "To add him to your clubhouse with the character and makeup he brings, that's a tremendous plus for us."

A .193 average in Oakland probably translates to a .358 average in Colorado, especially since he hasn't played in the allegedly easier National League. Knowing the Dodgers' luck, he'll be yet another sparkplug to an already streaking Rockies squad.


rbnlaw said...

Again with my Hives quote:
"Hate to Say I Told You So."

How'd Loney do tonight?

Josh S. said...

Doesn't seem like they need him.

rbnlaw said...

No, Josh, they picked him up so the Dodgers couldn't.
Sort of a preemptive strike on our offense.

Steve Sax said...

Our offense already has a lot of strikes.

StolenMonkey86 said...

What? Picking up a left-handed power bat to come off the bench? When has that ever helped anyone?

Oh yeah...

Well at least we didn't get someone who was a potential clubhouse problem like Giambi. Because, well, we got a certain clubhouse problem in Vincente Padilla?

Son of a bitch, this is going to be a long September.