Thursday, August 20, 2009

At-Game Recap: Cardinals 3 Dodgers 2

Really? Did we really lose that game? Ugh. Well, I actually had to head out after the 7th inning because of work issues. But at least got to see the two home runs, by Ethier and Blake.

We arrived really early in order to secure a Matt Kemp bobblehead. I really like Matt and think he will be an All-Star next year and wanted to support him. I have briefly met him a couple of times as well and he was always really nice. Plus this was my first bobblehead game ever. We arrived before the gates to the parking or the stadium even opened and had to wait in a couple of lines. I bought some cheap Top Deck seats from StubHub a couple of weeks ago and must say that it is sort of strange to hand over a printed 8.5x11 piece of paper to the ticket counter guy to scan - it feels like a scam. I really do like sitting in the Top Deck. There are some great views of LA behind the stadium and the vantage point is really nice. I actually like sitting in the Top Deck better than sitting on the Reserve level beyond 1st or 3rd base.

As stated by others, the crowd was out of it the first few innings, but what can you expect when the opposing pitcher is throwing a no-hitter? It still looks as if Manny's timing is off and he is swinging for the fences (the above photo is Manny's first at bat). I would settle for a double in the gap for now. And Martin at the plate was horrible. I am so glad that I left before his errant throw. The offense overall seems like they are waiting for the big smash home run. I become frustrated when I think about all of those games during the Manny suspension where we would continually put the pressure on the other team by getting doubles and singles and playing small ball. Kersh was up to his usual M.O. - getting out of jams, but using a whole bunch of pitches to do so. The only other time the crowd got excited besides the home runs was when there was an inflatable naked girl doll being thrown around in the reserve level on the 3rd-base side. I think there were about as many flashbulbs going off as there were when Manny was at up to bat.

Being that this was my first bobblehead ever, I was really excited to get home and open it. First, it is really kind of heavy and makes it feel like a real collectible instead of a cheap giveaway. Second, the detail is pretty nice. The inside of his gloves have some dirt on them and the back pocket has some gloves sticking out. Finally, the facial detail is pretty good (although I have heard not as good as the Casey Blake one). I love his little smirk. I might just have to get a Manny one now (much to the chagrin of Mrs. Cora).

There is one other thing that I want to put out to the SoSG readers. Like I said before, I like the Top Deck because of the view. However, the section is pretty steep. And with that, if the guy in front of you is leaning forward, he blocks your view. And, of course, the guy in front of us was leaning forward and obscuring the middle of the field. So what do I do (please vote)? If it matters to you, he was also a Dodger fan.

It was a good game when we left. I really did think that we were going to pull it out. The game ended right when I pulled into the driveway. Lets go out and get 'em next game, guys. And after living in Chicago for a couple of years, I really want to stick it to them. Go Blue!

What should I do with this guy in front of me?
Leave him alone - he can do whatever he wants.
Ask him politely to lean back.
Say "hey buddy, I can't see, do you mind?"
Throw peanut shells down his back until he gets the picture. free polls


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Too bad you had to leave after 7.
I too like the Top Deck every now and again. You get the whole perspective of the game and you don't get fooled into thinking every fly ball is an HR.

Kyle Baker said...

I just calculated that my attendance-win ratio has really plummeted. I'm now 9-7 on the year with a game coming up on Saturday. It feels like I'm playing better than just 2 games over .500!

Brandon said...

Work related issues at 10:00PM on a Wednesday night? Are you a hired assassin?

Nostradamus said...


It's a new moon, so he can't be a werewolf.

My money's on gigolo.

Loney Fan said...

I was in the top deck for the win on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it.

Also, a month ago we were sitting behind three drunk girls that spent the first three innings standing up, taking pictures, posting on Facebook, etc. They did not see a single play. When we asked the girl to not stand for every play she decided we were being rude. She then stood intentionally the rest of the time while making comments that "white boys" like myself could easily afford better seats if we didn't like it. It took security and about 45 minutes before they were eventually ejected. Practically ruined the whole game. What the hell is wrong with people?

waterboy100 said...

ive never had a problem with asking people to lean back because i cant see. people in the top deck are usually pretty respectful..

Loney Fan said...

I have found that the top deck crowd is usually a lot better crowd than some of the reserve or loge levels

rbnlaw said...

I sat in reserve 55 on Tuesday (aka, Bleacher Beach). It was actually the friendliest crowd I've been around in a while. The lines at the concessions were longer than the first sentence of "A Tale of Two Cities," but otherwise, a good experience.

I'm still going back to loge for the next game I attend.

. . .and the Shortstop.

Eric Karros said...

I feel like people in front of you leaning forwards is sort of like the guy in front of you on a plane reclining his seat - it's annoying, but I recognize he has a right to do so.

Now, if the guy in front of you is standing up when nobody else around is, that's more questionable.

Particularly if you're at the movies.

Kyle Baker said...

Loneyfan wrote: "white boys" like myself could easily afford better seats if we didn't like it.

Whoa! What sort of inappropriate racist economic blather did you get hit with?

There are a lot of skanky Dodgerettes at the games these days, but for the most part it's gotten better save for the outer edges.

Just checked my tickets for Saturday; I'm sitting in the bourgeois "white boys" area. If some of the girls you described stand in front of me, should I tell them they overpaid and that they should go to the top deck to watch?

Alex Cora said...

I'm actually an assassin AND a gigolo. Its hard trying to keep track of who to love and who to kill. It gets messy when I mix them up.

Greg Zakwin said...

Alex Cora- I loved sitting in the top deck Wednesday, great view of everything. I was off to your right somewhere. And that blow-up doll was hilarious.

Chappy said...

I made the trip out from Vegas for Wednesday's game and I too had to deal with idiots constantly standing in the aisles and blocking the view.

And if the so called "fans" aren't bad enough, the vendors on the loge level really linger in the aisle ways. Hey cotten candy guy can you take that friggin' billboard you're carrying and get it the hell out of my line of vision? Cripes!