Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post-Game 121 Thread: Just A Bit Outside, Just A Bit Short


There was a time when Russell Martin was potent offensively and at had a knack for spectacular defensive plays (catching foul balls while falling into the dugout, for example). I don't know what happened, but Martin's 0-for-3 night tonight dropped his average to .260 and his OPS to .685 (vying for worst among Dodger regulars along with Rafael Furcal). And that wasn't even the worst part; Martin's errant throw to second to try and get a stealing Albert Pujols gave him an extra base, and Matt Holliday hit a sac fly to score him. Given Broxton continued onward to get the next two batters in the ninth, Martin's error (the Dodgers' third) was ominous, and ultimately, damning. Just a bit outside.

There was a time when the Dodgers could come back from deficits, particularly once they reached their opponent's bullpen and started dissecting their relievers like formaldehyde-scented frogs in a ninth-grade biology class. Andre Ethier and Casey Blake each homered in the seventh off of Adam Wainwright to tie the game at 2, which was promising. But Ethier's HBP in the ninth proved fruitless as Manny Ramirez (6-3 sac), Casey Blake (6U), and James Loney (7U) couldn't get Andre home to tie the game. Just a bit short.

And now the Dodgers are just a bit faltering and frayed, going into late August with a 3.5 game lead over Colorado and 4.5 over the Giants (both of whom won tonight). Colorado plays the Nationals again tomorrow, and SF plays Cincinnati, so chalk those both up as wins; then while we play the Cubs for four games (starting tomorrow), San Fran and Colorado duke it out over the weekend at Coors Field and I can't even believe I have to look up the opponents for other NL West teams when we should be running away with this frickin' division.

Get me a Guinness milkshake, stat. And hold the ice cream.


JuanLove said...

I don't know.
I. Don't. Know.

NicJ said...

On the bright side Russ would make a good point guard. He has mastered the bounce pass.

We were once invincible in one run games and now it seems like we lose them all.

Kyle Baker said...

What an emotional roller coaster. The crowd was hardly into it as Wainwright schooled us. Then people obviously went nuts when the two homers tied it. What a monstrous HR by Beard! Then the final frustration set in. Dodgers let us see a little light before they slammed the door on a possible victory. It feels so dirty to witness a 3-error game. But we COULD have actually won the damn thing.

Russell Martin, you are officially on my shit list both offensively and defensively. I remember when the crowd used to really get into it when you came up to bat. Now people groan and mumble rude things to their seatmates.

Funny thing is, during the game I kept thinking of things I wanted to type in a GT. I actually pined for a dodgy Blogger interface to post masterful insight and cutting wit. That's the approach I'll use tomorrow night from the safety of my own sofa and the advantage of inexpensive and easily accessible adult beverages.

Until then, consider me: Crusty Baker. Big middle finger to the hated state birds of North Carolina!

Crusty, out.

Bayareadfan said...

Not to worry, we have Padilla coming. Watch out, NL!

PenosCabell said...

I left the game after the fourth inning. It was such a boring game to watch. The crowd wasn't into it. Whoever was controlling the music at Dodger Stadium was asleep at the wheel. There was no music being played or clapping to get the fans into it.

Fred's Brim said...

Penos, no music or sound effects? that sounds like heaven to me!

Fred's Brim said...

why do our miscues seem to hurt us so much? I hope there is a balance to this and the baseball gods let us get away with some in September and October

PenosCabell said...

Fred - Normally I like the silence of a baseball game in my own home. I actually hate going to Dodger Stadium. But if I am going to be there, I'd like to have some fun. The crowd not getting into the game really feels sad. This is LA not Pittsburgh. We should be having fun right now.

Erin said...

The crowd was witnessing a no-hitter from the wrong pitcher, Cabell. Hard to get into that. People were doing their best with what the Dodgers gave them. The place went crazy the second Manny worked a walk to break up the perfect game, because they (we) had just been waiting for something to cheer. Then when Hudson got a hit, it went really insane. I'd say the level of excitement from the crowd was exactly on par with the situation of the game.

I've never heard anyone complain about too little music being played at Dodger Stadium. It's always so damn annoying.

PenosCabell said...

I am one of those people usually complaining about the music. But I think some music could have gotten the crowd into the game. Maybe the fans get the players pumped up.

There was no energy in the place. That lack of energy carried onto the field.

Steve Sax said...

I hear Charles Steinberg wants to play Dont Stop Believing at every between-inning break.

Erin said...

I just have to add that early in the game, maybe in the second inning, I turned to my fiancé and said, "This feels like a playoff game."

So I guess we just had totally different reads on the situation. But if you hate going to Dodger Stadium, I suppose you're already starting in a different place, since I LOVE it.

Paul said...


What happens when you stop believing? I think I might be almost there and I don't want to listen to Wheel in the Sky.