Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pocket Talk

From a CBSSportsLine article about the first Manny Ramirez bobblehead night:

Ramirez toted the giveaway around to show some of his teammates. His only complaint? That the lining of the doll's left back pocket wasn't turned inside out like Ramirez wears it.

When did inside-out back pockets become all the rage? The above photo of the Red Sox is from 2007, so it was cool then (but not that cool, since Manny hadn't started it yet).

Inside-out pockets, jaunty caps, flat brims, knee socks...it's amusing to see how baseball players try to find individuality in their uniforms. I guess sometimes a number isn't enough.

Red Sox photo from Center Field


Josh S. said...

I mentioned it briefly in the game thread last night, but I'm bugged by the half-unbuttoned jerseys some of the Cardinals are rocking. Combined with the mustaches and chains around their necks, it's like their own little tribute to manliness in the 1970's.

Jimbo said...

I bet they reek of Axe, those Cards.

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JuanLove said...

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