Wednesday, August 05, 2009

100SS: Day 8 Results

Weather report distractions couldn't stop last night's eighth game of 100SS), which corresponded with a blowout victory for the good guys. For those scoring at home:

100: No score

200: Mr. LA Sports Fan grabs +200, Neeebs -40, fanerman -60

300: Mr. LA SF again snags +300, Josh S -30

Orel's idling at 1680 means that Mr. LA Sports Fan, with a 500-point outburst, is now close behind at 1560. Eric Karros is still in third with 1040. Sidebar updated!

Two more games! And, since Orel is working the press box tonight, now is your chance to gain while he's busy reporting. Good luck!


rbnlaw said...

. . .and now I make my move. Or not.

MR.F said...

Back to last place!

Steve Sax said...

fanerman, I just thought you were giving everybody a headstart

Neeebs (The Original) said...

My problem is that I am not that quick on the laptop, as I am on the desktop. Given that most games are later in the evening, I rarely gamechat at desk top, and will only be able to do so on the slow fingered, laptop. Hence my poor performance at this game.

rbnlaw said...

You know what they say about excuses.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I do everything through my laptop. You have no excuses.

Steve Sax said...

Alice in Chains has no excuses.

(shout out to Delino!)