Friday, July 03, 2009

Off-Day Puzzle #9: Solution

The solution to yesterday's puzzle is the Florida Marlins.

First, superimpose the text over the provided map:

Then, if you focus on the city (or state) names, you will see they end up geographically aligned:

The only city/team to the southeast of Tampa Bay is the Florida Marlins.

Big props to BWrightson for pulling off his first puzzle victory! He and Jose were the only ones to solve it before the apparently infinitely helpful bolding of the city names. Following Jose were Mr Customer, MLASF, Josh S, UBragg, Berkowit28, Keven C, Loney Fan, Neeebs, Midnightdrive, M.S.T.I, Wicks, and Fanerman. Fourteen correct answer! Finally, a more accessible puzzle, at least after the bolding.

Updated rankings to be posted soon. And be sure to tune in for Mr Customer's off-day puzzle Monday, July 6, 7am!


MR.F said...

Phew. Managed to sneak in.