Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kemp's Last Hope: Injury Replacement

From " 'Bran-Torino' takes a ride to All-Star Game" at

Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge and Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino are your choices in the dramatic 2009 All-Star Game Sprint Final Vote, comeback survivors of the wildest overall balloting in the history of a four-day event that decided the 33rd and final roster spots for the 80th All-Star Game on July 14 at Busch Stadium.

Fans smashed Final Vote records by casting 68.6 million votes at and ultimately they decided on the two first-time All-Stars whose respective clubs forged a voting alliance after seeing Inge and Victorino in second place on the second day. The Tigers and Phillies called it "Bran-Torino" and that catchphrase would become a campaign sensation.

You're still #1 in our hearts, Bison!

UPDATE: From Diamond Notes:

Congats to Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp has pretty much made the National League All-Star team, this after the fans picked Shane Victorino in the Final Vote over Pablo Sandoval. MLB was already pushing NL manager Charlie Manuel to pick Kemp over his own player Victorino even if Sandoval had won the vote.


rbnlaw said...

To hell with them. And when do the Phillies and Tigers work in concert to get their guys in? Not even geographically logical.
I need "Cool Spock."

Josh S. said...

"You're still #1 in our hearts, Bison!"

...and #8 in our lineup!

I'm mildly relieved that Victorino got in over One Full Panda, but it's still like being relieved that I got punched in the nuts instead of kicked.

Hong Like a Chih Kuo said...

Can Raffy and Kemp switch places?

fanerman said...

Hopefully he can make it, even if it's due to the 2 greatest words in the English Language. De and Fault.

'88 Dodgers Cresting A Hill said...

1- That election was more rigged than Iran.
2-Beltran can't play right? So they have to select a replacement?

Nic j said...

It's cool to hear that kemp finished pretty high in the player vote. That says alot.

GoatMilk said...

but would kemp still get in if a CF won the final vote?
thats why i wanted pablo to win if Kemp didnt. and mark reynolds is having a really nice season too

Fred's Brim said...

Matty went 8-11 with 3 runs scored, 2 rbi 4 walks and no Ks vs the Mets. I wonder if Charlie looks at box scores

Josh S. said...

"but would kemp still get in if a CF won the final vote?"

Assuming one of the four OF reserves moves up to fill in for Beltran (Ibanez looks to be back in time for the ASG), then there would be an open spot for a reserve outfielder. I don't think a player's regular outfield position makes any difference on the All-Star roster. An outfielder is an outfielder is an outfielder.

koufax said...

"Can Raffy and Kemp switch places?"

It seems to me that ever since Raf moved back into the leadoff spot he has been stroking the ball pretty well. I would be hard pressed to move him right now. Although, everytime russel martin bats in front of Kemp it is a travesty.

GoatMilk said...

get this guys. JAYSON WERTH replaces Beltran. WHAT?! i'm FURIOUS right now.