Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here's a Crazy Idea

Brad Penny. There, I said it.

His numbers: 6-3, 4.71 ERA (99 ERA+), 62 Ks, 1.48 WHIP, 2.14 K/BB, 5.96 K/9.


1. We're not going to land a big fish. The Blue Jays are either going to keep Roy Halladay or trade him to a prospect-rich team (i.e., not the Dodgers). Cliff Lee is so affordable for the next two years, the Indians would have to be bowled over to trade him. (Ned Colletti? Not the bowling type.) Javier Vazquez hates the West Coast so much he has a no-trade clause to teams there. (Fine. We didn't want you anyway.)

2. The Phillies just got deeper. Who knows how much Pedro Martinez has left in the tank? We're about to find out, because he just signed with the Phillies*, who are also the front-runners for Halladay. And if the Phillies end up signing Halladay, the road to the World Series goes through Philadelphia.

3. The Dodgers' internal options are dwindling. Eric Milton is probably out for the season. Eric Stults is progressing nicely from a thumb injury, but how many major-league starts can the Dodgers get him before the July 31 trading deadline? With Hiroki Kuroda yet to regain his rhythm and Jeff Weaver looking more comfortable out of the bullpen, the Dodgers' trade priority should be for a starter, not a reliever.

4. He's affordable. Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw have been mentioned in Halladay trade rumors, which is just robbing Peter, Paul & Mary. On the other hand, Penny probably wouldn't cost major-league talent. The Red Sox already have a surplus of starters and no major holes in their lineup (possibly excepting shortstop), so trading minor-leaguers should get a deal done.

5. It'll be just like old times. First order of business: Brad and Larry need to hug it out. Larry Bowa, that is. Larry sniped at Brad, then Brad sniped at Larry. It's time to restore order to the curmudgeonly universe. Then Eliza Dushku can dump Rick Fox and it'll be like Penny never left.

*UPDATE: and promptly went on the DL (

UPDATE: Time To Bring Up Jason Schmidt (Eric Stephen, True Blue LA)

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Chappy said...

I dunno if I can get on board with this one. Penny has proven to be a first half pitcher for the past three seasons, always ending up ineffective in the second half.

He seems lazy about work-outs and apparently won't get into the shape he needs to in order to stay tip-top all season...

rbnlaw said...

Meh. Make the play for Cliff Lee, if the Tribe won't bite, move on.
Maybe I'm bitter about Penny's ego-induced breakdown last season.

Chappy said...

Pedro's on a 15 day DL just after signing because of a "shoulder strain".

The Phillies may end up regretting this...

Neeebs said...

I think you stretched it a bit here Orel, but nice try.

Nic j said...

Let's not forget about the part where he is asked to pitch out of the pen, pouts about it, then just all out quits on the team and leaves before the playoffs start.

For all the complaining I hear about manny quitting on his team last year I have never heard the media say anything about penny quitting on us last year

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

Nic - That's because Penny pitches for their precious Red Sox. He could have kneed Bowa in the groin and they wouldn't care.

Ken said...

I don't think so kind sir.

I agree with rbnlaw, that plucking someone like Cliff Lee from a cellar dweller might be the way to go.

Yes, I'm also peeved that they make a play to sign Pedro. Not only because he is Pedro, but the fact that he is on the Phillies now. Damn Phillies. Only a matter of time before they boo him outta town.