Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five Things I Learned on My Post All-Star Game Vacation

1. The LA Times has a couple of other sections besides the Sports and Calendar sections. Sometimes, even more than a couple (who knew they devoted entire pages to Food?).

2. America does indeed got talent. And the "Half" part of "Two and a Half Men" is now more like 3/4, if not 7/8.

3. Trader Joe's is still pretty busy up until closing time.

4. When the sun sets, the shadows and light in my backyard can be pretty striking.

5. Delino is still one pretty excitable dude. Despite the fact that he lives in Billings, Montana.


Josh S. said...

Whoa. I definitely did a double-take at this headline this morning.

rbnlaw said...

Hah. I have a copy of "Teacher Man" that I've never read. I heard "Angela's Ashes" is good as well. Who knew owning parking lots could give you such life experience.

Going to the game tonight (first of the season at the Stadium). Couldn't figure out why tickets for the 'Stros were staying up in price until it hit me: Manny's return to Dodger Stadium.

And I consider myself reasonably intelligent. Happy end of All-Star break to all.

Josh S. said...

Wow. Not only does the AL dominate the ASG, most AL teams also get an extra long All-Star break. Must be nice.

Hong Like a Chih Kuo said...

Ned kicking Doc's tires. I wouldn't move Kershaw, Billingsly or Kemp, but that's about it. If Frankie would do it, I'd ship Ethier, Martin and a minor league player for Halladay, Vernon Wells and Rod Barajas. Tons of salary coming onto the books for the Dodgers, but almost assured a deep deep run in the post.

berkowit28 said...

Dodgers got a 4-day break last year (and so at least one other NL team, mpost likely more). It was awful - for fans. That fourth day was really too much to stand.