Friday, June 12, 2009

We Get Mail

There are a lot of things for Dodger fans to worry about. When is Russell Martin going to find his power stroke? How will Manny perform when he returns? Can the pitching go deeper into games?

And then there are some of our readers who have other worries:

Hey SoSG,

I have a uniform related question. I have a very misguided friend who is, unfortunately, a fan of a certain team from the Bay Area. He likes to point out that the red number on the Dodgers uniform is, well, retarded. I of course point out that the Giants' uniforms are cream colored, followed up with a vulgar comment about the citizens of San Francisco. Can you help me dispel the mystery behind the red number? Is it in any way significant to the history of the team? I'd love to tell him that it was Jackie Robinson's favorite color or something like that instead of being superfluous. Thanks guys.

[name redacted]

And then we got this gem:


My friend from Utah who is a Yankee fan always bugs me about the white dot on top of the Dodgers' hats. Can you give me some help? My typical response of "cool kids have a white dot on their hats" won't hold up much longer.

[name redacted]
Agoura Hills

In both cases, our advice-seekers are looking to defend the honor of the Dodgers because an opposing fan has chosen to criticize an arbitrary aspect of their uniforms.

What do you think, SoSG faithful? Your fellow readers need you — give them some much-needed advice in the comments section.


berkowit28 said...

"The 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers became the first big league club to display uniform numbers on the front of their jerseys, employing the style on their home uniforms. By the 1970s most clubs had adopted the number-on-front style that is still prevalent today."

And, as you can see from the photo at that link, the color of the front numbers was red (with the uniform blue and basically the same as it is now and as it has been ever since 1938, with the addition of the red numbers in 1952).

So when some other teams *copied* the Dodgers' innovation of adding numbers to the front, they chose not to copy the idea of a contrasting color. It's not the Dodgers who are odd man out here, it's the other teams. And if teh whole idea of numbers on the front was an innovation in 1952, it's a well-established tradition by 2009, and older than 14 other teams' entire history.

Chappy said...

Haven't posted in a while, but I found this too interesting to pass up. has a great page with all of the uniforms represented over the years.

Seems as though using red on the jersey is a nod to the old days when the team actually wore alot of red, so that would seem to be recognition of team history.

As for the white dot, it's called "design". The white LA logo is accented by the dot. Lots of other teams do this as part of the pageantry of wearing a uniform.

Kinda like wearing pinstripes if you ask me.

Josh S. said...

Because without the red they'd be the Royals, and no one wants that.

I'm just glad the Dodgers have 2 uniforms: home and away. Alt uniforms are completely unnecessary, proven in 1999. How can a team have an identity if they wear something different in each game of a series? (I'm looking at you, Pads and DBacks.)

Chappy said...

Josh S. your Royals comment is classic; LMFAO.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Red is a part of the Dodgers' color scheme, though it is oft-used. The white dot is most likely used to make the hats look good.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I mean "not oft-used"

Wesley Vento said...

That was my question! WOOT!

Alex Cora said...

Josh: Sweet answer!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

And here I thought that you were going to talk about the Penis Festival in Japan.

rbnlaw said...

When friends would mock the Dodgers (we'll call them, Angel fans) about 5 years ago, I would ask them, "How many different uniform designs has your team had in the past, say, 20 years?"
It's part of the tradition, the history of this club. One uniform design (well pointed out by Josh S.) that others can only aspire to. As a matter of fact, I believe in the 90's, the Texas Rangers were emulating the Dodgers with their design and color scheme.

I don't see that many teams wearing pinstripes.