Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post-Game 64 Thread: Beard Necessities


"Andruw Jones making his way back to the dugout very slowly, so he'll have a moment or two to figure out who to blame."
—paraphrasing Rick Monday from today's radio broadcast, after Andruw Jones struck out in the ninth inning

James Loney and Juan Pierre do a finger tap behind Casey Blake, the bat of the game.

Loney and Matt Kemp finger-tap.

Casey Blake: 2-for-4, 1 HR, 4 RBIs
Chad Billingsley: 7.0 IP, 3R, win #9 (tied for NL lead)
Jonathan Broxton: save #16
Dodgers: back to 20 games over .500 (42-22); 3-3 in interleague play this season


Neeebs (The Original) said...

OK, where are all the naysayers after the first game of this series.

I repeat the series or hold down the fort (ie., split).

NicJ said...

did i miss something? what's up with the finger-taps

Orel said...

Hip-bumps, finger-taps, it's hard to keep up with what all the cool kids are doing.

Unknown said...

I am trying to figure out just when Broxton learned that curve he was throwing today? He was going Bugs Bunny on the Rangers today.

Fred's Brim said...

Do you think Androo cares that his team lost the series? or is he too proud of himself for hitting 2 homers against the team that screwed him into millions of dollars?

Josh S. said...

Alireza, maybe Broxton stole Kershaw's curve mojo.

rbnlaw said...

I heard Monday's comment on Jones in the car and almost lost control. Then I had to explain why it was so funny to the wife. Then Steiner explained right after.
She got it. She didn't laugh.