Thursday, June 04, 2009

Post-Game 56 Thread: Hamstrung


"King Cole out there on the mound."

—Vin Scully

Cole Hamels: 9.0 IP, 5H, 0R, 5 K's


Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

And he's as pesky as a gnat.

Nic j said...

If this is him sucking I'd hate to see him when he is good.

Steve Sax said...

It would have been nice if we had taken a pitch. Once.

Poor nicJ! A tough game to see in person.

Nic j said...

It was cool. I took my little brother and he told me he wanted to be like clayton kershaw when he grows up. Then I told him "shut up, I'm training you as a shortstop and you'll like it.

All joking aside, even a bad dodger game, is still a dodger game. :)

rbnlaw said...

Just make sure he's a lefty and he can pitch in the majors until he's 50. Look at that decrepit old man, Jamie Moyer.

Yes, I realize he's 5 months younger than me.

Nic j said...

I'm convinced that the phillies will let moyer pitch in a wheelchair.