Monday, June 01, 2009

O Needs Xes!

The latest All-Star voting numbers are in, and the Dodgers are dangerously underrepresented for the team with the best record in the majors:

At second base, [Chase] Utley held on to the top spot but has a new pursuer in the Dodgers' Orlando Hudson, in second. He's followed by Milwaukee's Rickie Weeks, who was second a week earlier despite being out for the remainder of the season with an injury.

Russell Martin is fifth among catchers. Manny Ramirez has dropped to fifth in outfielder voting, with Matt Kemp in 12th and Andre Ethier in 13th place. Juan Pierre is nowhere to be found. I know he's a write-in candidate, but come on!

Fans can vote online up to 25 times. Just like in the Presidential election! Click here to vote.

photo by Darren Levant


Josh S. said...

We need to find out what Milwaukee's ballot-stuffing technique is and replicate it.

rbnlaw said...

This was the topic of the night on Dodger Talk last night. One goof called in and said he had a way to register 200,000 (yes, 5 zeros)votes for Manny. The thoughts were along the lines of, why not do that for O-Dog and make a difference?

I lost interst in the All-Star game long ago, as have most of the players (who don't get a contract bonus from their appearance). As a fan, I agree O-Dog, Beast Mode, Beard Mode, and Bison Mode should be in (The 3 "B's", yay!). Ethier should only go to the All-Star game if Manny gets in, since he seems to depend on him as it is.

Josh S. said...

OK, so it's supposed to be 25 votes per e-mail address, but I've been able to vote for Beast Mode 25 times from home and 25 times from work using the same e-mail. It must be 25 votes per e-mail, per IP address.