Sunday, June 07, 2009

Baby DeShields Meets the Dodgers

For the sake of anonymity, all pictures of Baby DeShields have been altered. (His eyes are actually quite nice.)

Baby D has been to many fascinating places in his first ten months: a USC game, the streets of Manhattan... Delaware! But this past Friday was his first visit to Dodger Stadium, where he could learn the anti-Phillies rage that has gotten his Father in many a throwdown.

However, the game did not start on a high note. I'll spare you the details, but we learned that the trunk of my car is a perfect place to change a 20-pound man.

The best part - we put the "used" clothes and diapers into a paisley bag. Not wanting the car or trunk to be tainted for nine innings, we kept the bag under the car... AND SOMEONE STOLE IT. I'm not sure if it was for security measures or personal gain... but somebody was treated to one helluva surprise.

The game had everything - the Bangles sang the National Anthem. (We missed it, but it led to an extended discussion of the many attributes of Susanna Hoffs.) There was a steady stream of Madness, Run-DMC, Hall, and OATES. There was fireworks after the game. And oh yeah, a ninth-inning two-out rally. That was kind of cool.

And through it all, little "Baby D" did not cry once. Except when he reached for my friend's beer, and was cruelly denied. Then the tears flowed like he was Mike Schmidt retiring.

That's my boy!


Loney Fan said...

Congratulations D! What a great moment in fatherhood! Can't wait to feel that pride.

berkowit28 said...


Todd said...

Did you check Craigslist for your bag of poop? You might be able to buy it back if you look in the right spot.

Mama said...

Last night my daughter made her "Kiss Cam" debut @ Dodger Stadium. She is 4 months old & it was her 11th game (if you count preseason).

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Delino: Cute baby. Doesn't look anything like Delino, though. Must look like mom.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I made it on Dodger vision once by getting behind a random baby who was being filmed. Alas, my little man was too far from the cameras on Friday. Maybe next time.