Saturday, June 13, 2009

Andruw Jones Grows a Mouth

From "Andruw Jones says he left because of Frank McCourt" by Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times:

Sitting at his corner locker in the Texas Rangers' clubhouse Friday, Andruw Jones said the main reason he asked the Dodgers to release him this winter wasn't his desire for a change of scenery.

He said he asked out mainly because of the way he was treated by Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

"He wasn't standing behind me, I think," Jones said, adding that if McCourt had shown him more respect, "I almost definitely would be part of the L.A. Dodgers right now." [...]

Jones said he started to get the sense that he was on his way out of Los Angeles when he met with McCourt before undergoing knee surgery last May.

"It was disrespect," Jones said of the way McCourt spoke to him. [...]

Jones said McCourt was too involved in the Dodgers' baseball operations.

"I know it's his money but sometimes they need to stay away from what's going on in the field. He never played baseball before. He might have a sense of it from running the team but he can't be too involved like that."

Jones sure has gotten a lot cheekier since we last heard from him. I mean, far be it from the man who's paying you $36 MILLION to have a few words with you after your out-of-shape, overweight ass lands you on the disabled list. Guess having more home runs in two months with the Rangers (5) than in his entire time with the Dodgers (3) has given the guy a little extra moxie. Good riddance — and good job, Frank.

UPDATE: Andruw Jones Needs To Shut Up (True Blue LA)


Fred's Brim said...

yikes. I guess he can talk now that his mouth isn't constantly filled with cheeseburgers

Alireza said...

Wow. Blaming McCourt for "disrespecting" the worst statistical season in baseball history?

I remember when I thought fans were being too hard on Jones with the whole booing thing. No longer.


Loney Fan said...

Isn't respect something you're supposed to earn? But then I guess you could say the same thing about $36 million.

cigarcow said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before something stupid like this came out of his mouth. I was kind of pulling for him to put his career back together, but forget it. Steroids.

Loney Fan said...

Hahaha... just end it with "steroids"


Alireza said...

I don't think Jones took steroids. He would have to actually, you know, exercise for them to have any effect.

Jones was born one of the most naturally gifted baseball players ever and coasted on his talent. He hit 30 and had his metabolism slow down and natural ability fade. Instead of heading that off by eating right and, you know, exercising, Jones let himself get fat and injured and poof went his ability.

The sad thing is that the Dodgers didn't see it and that Andruw is now crapping on them for daring to be annoyed.

Now, Andruw suddenly can hit again because he started, you know, exercising and eating less junk food.

Like I said...asshole.

koufax said...

this is just lame. shut up.

rbnlaw said...

Mc Court is an asshole, plain and simple. Maybe Frankie never saw Jones' lifetime stats. Ever see Jones prowling center field at Turner Field? No, I didn't think so. Take that Mc Loser.

By the way, he spells his name A-n-d-r-U-w. Get it right on the next check, will ya?

karina said...

This is outraging. He got a big contract, he showed overweight, didn't do what he was hired for, took valuable time from a more deserving player, still is spoiled with free time, leaves the team, was rude with the fanbase (when the fans at the end pay his salary by purchasing merchandise and going to the stadium) will be paid to not have done his job for years and he still has the courage to complain about his former employer.

He should wake up to the real world or at least keep his "thoughts" to himself. Moron. Douche.

Orel said...

When Karina uses the word "douche," you know a nerve has been struck!

StolenMonkey86 said...

Is he serious? Does he actually think that the Dodgers wouldn't have gotten a goddamn catapult to throw his ass out of town if he didn't demand his release? He's bitter because McCourt provoked him into making this deal that deferred his salary, when he could have gotten all the money at once if he just let the Dodgers release him. Good for McCourt.

Honestly, I'm waiting for his real birth certificate to surface and show he's really 36 or something.

Eric Stephen said...

If Andruw Jones was a character in a movie, I would root for him to die.

It's like he's trying to find new and inventive ways to piss off Dodger fans (that's right, no "s").

That said, I fully expect him Andruw to hit a HR tonight.

karina said...

Orel, it's scary how well you know me.

Steve Sax said...

"[McCourt] wasn't standing behind me, I think," Jones said...

How the f' could we tell if McCourt was standing behind you or not, Jones, since your eclipse of a beachball shadow was so enormous in the first place

Nic j said...

way to open a wound Andruw. Might i add that Andruw should be forever grateful to Manny for turning him into an afterthought last year. If #99 hadnt came along last year he would still be the most hated man in LA.

And until now Jones was gone and forgotten (for the most part) because we had someone that could do the job.