Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spanish Infinitive from Switzerland beats English Gerund from Sweden in French Open Final

Roger Federer1,
Spanish Infinitive
Robin Soderling2,
English Gerund

Congratulations, Roger3. In other French Open news, it's good to see the mother of women's champion Svetlana Kuznetsova, who hails from the renowned Dodger hotbed of St Petersburg, Russia, proudly displaying her fandom!

1regular -er verb (present tense): yo federo, tú federes, ud./él/ella federe, nosotros federemos, vosotros federéis, uds./ellos/ellas federen

2as in "Robin prefers soderling to playing tennis, but it doesn't pay as well."

3coincidentally, both Roger Federer and Robin' Soderling's first names are also Spanish infinitives and English gerunds, respectively.

Update: Here's a graph of tennis grand slam titles. Federer is way ahead of Sampras' pace, but Nadal is actually ahead of Federer's. But...Federer got started later, winning his first slam at 21 vs 19 for Nadal (and Sampras):

(click image to enlarge)


PenosCabell said...

That wasn't even a match, Federer dominated throughout.

MR.F said...

Brilliant title.

So what's the definition of federer?

And nice to see a Dodger fan in France.

rbnlaw said...

Not to split hairs, but the way you used "soderling" in the example was not as a gerund, but rather a verb (was soderling). Remember a gerund is the participle form of the verb used as a noun. The example could read:
Robin loves soderling more than life itself.
See, in the sentence, "soderling" is the object of the verb "loves," and, therefore, a gerund.

PenosCabell said...

rbnlaw - Reading that hurts my brain.

Eric Karros said...

"Robin loves soderling more than life itself." Gee...he's a pretty narcissistic guy.

But duly noted, rbnlaw. Post has been corrected.

MR.F said...

Yeah, rbnlaw attended a grammar rodeo or 2 in his day. He's right. Great example sentence in the main post.

rbnlaw said...

It's the unfortunate side-effect from teaching English to the non-believers for 19 years.

Unknown said...

Nice graph... very interesting... but Nadal has only won 6 Grand Slams so far I believe (not 7): 4 Roland Garros, 1 Wimbledon and 1 Aus Open.