Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Legend of the Minotaur Grows

Clayton Kershaw, dubbed "The Minotaur" (I think by truebluela, but perhaps by the DTers; either way, it's a pretty cool nickname), dazzled defensively in his last start (May 2) for the Jacksonville Suns, according to the Florida Times-Union:

Jacksonville Suns left-hander Clayton Kershaw picked the right night to show off his athleticism.

With Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti on hand Friday, Kershaw ignited the crowd of 6,193 at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville with a spectacular defensive play in the fourth inning of the Suns' 4-1 win over the Tennessee Smokies.

When Smokies catcher Chris Robinson pushed a bunt toward third base, Kershaw raced off the mound for it. Sliding on the infield grass, he scooped it in his glove and launched the ball toward first base as he spun around. The throw was right on target.

"That was a very athletic play by a very athletic person, running toward the foul line," Suns manager John Shoemaker said. "The thing that was most impressive was being able to right himself and throw accurately, hard. ... You can go to a lot of games and you wouldn't see a play like that in a long time."

Kershaw said he thought the play pumped the team up, as well as the fans.

Always nice to shine when your boss, or your boss's boss's boss's boss, is watching. Hey Ned, we'd like to see Kershaw for ourselves sometime soon.