Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post-Game 46 Thoughts: You Learn Something New...

Had a great time at the ballpark last night, watching the Dodgers win 5-2 and seeing James Loney's massive bomb that was not in question from the second he hit it. Winds were high early on, blowing trash all over the field (particularly congregating around Juan Pierre in left, which I found magnetically ironic), but the subsided in time for FJL to hit his towering homer. Nice outing by Hiroki Kuroda, continued impressive play from Blake DeWitt, growing concern about what Jeff Kent is doing (or rather, isn't doing) in the four-hole, and an above-average review on my first Mrs. Beasley cupcake ($5 is a bit pricey, though).

But what I really took away from the evening was a conversation I overheard from the two guys behind me during the game (which, strangely enough, totally fits in with EK's latest post) (I assure you, this was not by design here at SoSG).

"Hey, do you know what the name of the Cantina band was in Star Wars?" [Sax: For the record, I do know, since I've got the action figures; I stayed quiet.]


"Figri'n Dan and the Modal Nodes."

"Huh? Did they ever mention their name in the movie?"

"Nope. It's kind of like they never say 'Tusken Raider,' they only say 'Sandpeople,' but Tusken Raider it is."

"How the hell do you know 'Figri'n Dan'?"

"I looked it up on Wookiepedia."

Wookiepedia? F'n brilliant, though I had to look it up myself to be sure...and sure enough, it exists. Wow. Hilarious. You learn something new every day.

They also proceeded to sing the entire cantina band song, in unison. At least it wasn't the yub yub song, I suppose.


Eric Karros said...

Are you sure it was a Dodger game you attended last night? I'm thinking it might have been one of those conventions you frequent, and someone had the game on TV, thus understandably confusing you -

Orel said...

Which cantina song? There are two.

Alex Cora said...

And was there something going on between Lando and the bald headed dude? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Steve Sax said...

You mean, Lobot?

Eric Karros said...

Come on, peopl - it's spelled wookiee.