Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post-Game Thoughts: Dodgers vs. Cubs #2 (May 28)

I think this is what happened before the game:

Torre: Hey Lowe, come on in my office, I want to talk to you about tonight.

Lowe: Yeah, coach.

Torre: Well, you know this is a nationally televised game. So I picked a lineup especially for you! (Shows him the lineup card). See how much offense we are going to generate! Aren't you excited? We have THREE rookie infielders and THREE sophomore players. You have great veteran leadership in Pierre too. So go get 'em buddy. We will spot you one run the entire night. Just go out there and pitch a shutout and you just might win.

Oh crap, I'm sorry, that is almost exactly what I posted yesterday. It was groundhog day at Wrigley all over again, except this time Saito comes into blow the save instead of Broxton (who, by the way, was lights out - where the hell were those 98 MPH fastballs yesterday???). Then Uh-Oh Chan Ho gives up the double and the game winning single to Soriano in extra innings. Again, that damn "Go Cubs Go" song is repeating in my head.

The only thing I left with was seeing fellow Dodger blogger Erin from Beantown West and the following two pictures. The first is a picture of Mark Sweeney's 0.098 batting average (click for larger image)--which didn't budge because he got a walk. I think he started towards the dugout for a couple of steps before he realized which way first base was because he has been so used to turning around in the batter's box after a strikeout.

I also left with a picture of the CUBS WIN sign which should be changed to the CUBS SWEEP.

This is getting pretty pathetic. I think Jerry Crasnick from suggested some free agents that definitely have more pop that this anemic dodger lineup - Kenny Lofton, Sammy Sosa, Jeff Cirillo, Royce Clayton, Reggie Sanders, and dare I say, nah, I can't even write his name. Off to New York for this extremely average team, that wins about half the time and loses about half the time. Go Blue.


Eric Karros said...

Really crappy series. But good to see Broxton was effective. Take away his one meltdown game and he has a 1.64 ERA. Hey, I'm looking for a bright side here...

Eric Karros said...

By the way AC, you were 0-2 at Wrigley. We may no longer greenlight travel for you.