Friday, May 09, 2008

James Loney Is Also a Slick-Dressing, Smooth-Talking Poker Aficionado

It was a giving off-day yesterday, as Brad Penny hosted his second annual fishing trip for kids. Meanwhile, James Loney, Scott Proctor and Gary Bennett participated in "Ante Up for Africa," a charitable poker night hosted by Don Cheadle and Annie Duke:

Proctor, who joked when his picture was being taken at the table, 'get the shot now, while I still have chips in front of me,' was a little prophetic, because those chips disappeared pretty fast. Bennett hung in there in the early rounds, but it was Loney, who rang up some good wins at his table, forcing the much more experienced Malina out early.

"Loney's doing well?" asked an incredulous Bennett. "I didn't even know he played. Maybe that's the secret of winning at poker. The less experience the better."

"I haven't played in a while," remarked Loney. "I still remember the rules and basically the competition was between Gary, Scotty and I to see who would be the last one still playing."

Loney, who is always the gentleman, patiently explained between hands to one of the women playing at his table, what his day job was. "I play first base for the Dodgers," said Loney. "Is that a good position to play?" asked the lady. "Yes, I think it is," replied the 24-year-old from Houston.

From the same article:

"I think this is a great event," said Cheadle, who is best known as one of the co-stars and producers of the Oscar winning film "Crash" along with the highly successful "Ocean's 11, 12 and 13."

Ocean's 11, 12 and 13? It's like Kieslowski meets the Rat Pack!

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Alex@DodgerFan said...

Is that a white russian he's drinking? WEAK.....

Orel said...

(1) It could also be a Coke. Or a rum and Coke. Or a Jack and Coke.

(2) Maybe it belongs to the person next to him.

Alex@DodgerFan said...

I know... but it's much more fun to assume:

(a) it's a white russian


(b) it belongs to Loney


karina said...

Alex, i guess it's so much more fun to pretend he was drinking...

It seems he wasn't drinking at all and the drink sure looks like Rum and Coke (did you guys in America drink Cuba Libre?).

Looove his jacket *blushes*

Orel said...

Cuba Libre = rum & Coke?

I could never pull off wearing that jacket.

karina said...

I made a "deep research" at Wikipedia and it says it's called Rum&Coke in United States and Canada. It is called Cuba Libre in South America, though in Venezuela it's often made with Rum, Coke and some lemon. Some people, specially the elder, like that cocktail with Angostura, a bitter liquor.

About Loney's jacket, it's beautiful, of course, since he's a young profesional athlete, he can get away with that, something most men couldn't (why not, Orel?). Love the cut, however it seems to turn short on King James' wrists (i could live with that, it's a recurring problem tall men have). Love the color and i think it really compliments Loney's skin. Not a big fan of the shirt, but i think the ensemble of the hip-hop cap with the jacket, makes a perfect outfit for a casual evening playing poker and it's very age appropiate.

It seems James Loney is not only a baseball star in the works, but a fashionista at heart. Would James Loney be the best dressed Dodger since Steve Garvey?

that was your guest fashion police at Sons of Steve Garvey.


Orel said...

*clapping* It's official! SoSG now has a Fashion Authority. Or should I say Fashion & Mixed Drink Authority?

It seems fashion is determined by those with the confidence to wear something different. James Loney is a confident guy!

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