Saturday, May 24, 2008

Simers Calls Out Dodgers for Not Being Lakers

From "Lakers throw another strike at the Dodgers" by T.J. Simers at the LA Times:

The Lakers have won championships before and with some mega stars bouncing the ball for them, but this love affair with the guys feels different now -- in some respects, a little over the top.

Maybe it's the Hollywood stars who drive by Dodger Stadium on their way to Staples or having the best basketball player in the game. But nothing new there.

So I wonder how much this has to do with L.A. having no NFL team, or more than that, starving Dodgers fans now looking elsewhere for some thrills and promise of continued success?

The Dodgers might counter by pointing to the 3.7 million fans they continue to attract each year, but when it comes to outright popularity here, they are no longer in the same league.

Simers goes on to say the Dodgers lack "a must-watch highlight show," with James Loney and Matt Kemp showing some promise. First of all, you can't write an article about popular Dodgers and fail to mention Russell Martin—which Simers does. Secondly, being a Lakers fan and being a Dodgers fan aren't mutually exclusive. Thirdly, of course L.A. fans are more passionate about the Lakers than the Dodgers—the entire sporting world is more passionate about the Lakers than most sports franchises, period.

And yet, despite the uneven comparisons, Simers' ultimate point is well-taken: Until the Dodgers start winning consistently, they'll always be an entertainment, rather than a passion, for L.A. fans. But when it happens, we'll still be here.