Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Padres Hit Rock Bottom, Meaning They're About to Tear Off a 20-Game Winning Streak

From "Padres’ woes ignite Towers inferno" by Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports:

"We're bad, no question about it," [Padres GM Kevin] Towers said. "There comes a point in time we can't say, 'It’s early.' There’s nothing to lead me to believe – or the fans to believe – we're going to turn this thing around."

He promised changes. "Wholesale," he said. And he waved his hands at the clubhouse, meaning most of the players in it, he had little use for right now.

"I'm certainly not going to watch this for another four months," he said.

Judging by the stands at Petco Park on Monday night, he's not alone in that.

"If you hear the word that morale is good in this clubhouse, we've got major issues," he said. "The morale should be horrible. For winning-type players, morale should be horrible. I know it's horrible in the coaches' office. And it's horrible upstairs."


And now it's already reaching a time the Padres will have to think about trading for the future, even parting with players Towers likes, such as Greg Maddux (who has a full no-trade clause but might consider finishing what could be his last season for a contender), Randy Wolf, [Brian] Giles, whomever.

Rare bluntness from a general manager. But I wonder if they're desperate enough to trade with the Dodgers?


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karina said...

Dodgers could use some Greg Maddux, evenRandy Wolf for a fifth starter...but i wouldn't like they'd trade important youngsters.