Friday, May 30, 2008

Two Dodgers Make Dubious Top 10 List

From "These 10 guys aren't earning their paychecks" by Dayn Perry at

1. Andruw Jones, Dodgers
Yes, Jones is presently on the disabled list after undergoing knee surgery, but that's merely the start of his problems. On the season, he is batting .165, is on pace for just seven home runs, and has played sluggish defense in center. At the time, Jones' signing looked like a sensible value addition on the part of GM Ned Colletti, but it's turned out to be a low-grade disaster. Perhaps it's the knee, perhaps it's a lack of conditioning — whatever the cause, Jones has seriously hurt the Dodgers' chances thus far. It takes a lot to make Juan Pierre look like an upgrade, but Jones has somehow done it.

8. Brad Penny, Dodgers
Andruw Jones isn't the Dodgers' only problem. Penny was one of the NL's best starters in 2007; this season, however, he's been anything but. An RA of 5.45 at the front of the rotation doesn't cut it, especially when you're trying to keep pace with the Diamondbacks. If the opposite side continues abusing Penny to such an extent, then those numbers aren't going to improve.


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Considering how much we blog, I'm just happy none of SoSG was on the list :-) (Though recently, I haven't been earning my SoSG paycheck)

Orel said...

And what a paycheck it is!