Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Joe Torre Brings Perspective to Los Angeles

From "Torre rediscovers the joys of managing with Dodgers" by Helene Elliott at the LA Times:

They asked him whether managing here is different than in New York, where his every move was second-guessed a million times a day on every subway line and any phone call could signal a tirade from owner George Steinbrenner.

Of course it's different.

And at this point of Torre's life and career, nearly 68 and with four World Series titles on his resume, he welcomes the lower intensity level and his lower blood-pressure readings.

"It's a little more laid-back, and in saying that I'm not saying they don't have the hunger to win because I'd certainly have a problem with that," he said before the Dodgers' 5-1 victory.

"But right now, and I say right now, baseball is in the sports section. And that's a nice change."