Friday, May 23, 2008

Results Are In!

Now comes the part of exam-taking everybody dreads: the public posting of scores. The good news is, we're a little more considerate than your freshman year math professor, so we're only posting the top scores (if you haven't yet taken the exam, you can still do so here).

The bad news is, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to do a 100% accurate tallying of results. Our results-gathering mechanism was down during peak test-taking hours of 9:30am to 1:00pm PT on quiz-day. Many scores were thus not recorded, meaning we've certainly omitted folks who deserve to be listed. Please accept our apologies - the problem has been fixed so everything should work swimmingly for the next quiz.

Nonetheless, we did our best to compose an accurate honor roll, so here goes:

Gold Star (8 of 8):

  • Steve (no, not SoSG Steve Sax - his score doesn't count)
  • Karina (¡felicidades!)
  • gggg (good job, bad name)

Silver Star (7 of 8):

  • Nina
  • Dani

Bronze Star (6 of 8):

  • FelixP
  • (no name entered)
  • Stacene
  • Natalie
  • Linda
  • PIMP

Congratulations to all!


karina said...

I'm so proud i'm a honor student ;)