Sunday, May 18, 2008

Five Things Worrying Me

1. Death, taxes and the Angels beating the Dodgers. Not even the truest of the blue would have predicted a Dodgers series win this weekend, and the Dodgers stayed true to form, getting outscored 17-10 over three games.

2. Derek Lowe. Is he hurt, a headcase, or both?

3. James Loney. Two games. Three throws to second base. Two—almost three—errors. James is a SoSG favorite, but that Gold Glove-caliber defense might have to be downgraded.

4. The freakin' Diamondbacks keep winning. By taking two of three from the Tigers this weekend, the D'backs remain 5.5 games ahead of the Dodgers. Worse, the Dodgers are tied for fifth place in the wild card.

5. The Big Red Machine is coming to town. Although the Dodgers' fortunes seem to turn on a dime, the Reds are bringing the momentum of a six-game winning streak to town. Winning streaks—remember those?


QuadSevens said...

6. Lack of depth at catcher.
Bennett had to make two throws to first base to complete a strikeout and botched them both. One allowed a run to score and the strikeout victim ended up on third. He let a curveball go through his legs once, and he can't throw the ball back to the pitcher without bringing rain. I really hope Russell Martin is taking all his vitamins.

cigarcow said...

Yeah, where did Loney get the reputation of being a great defensive first baseman? He looks like a natural out there, but he's closer to a disaster.