Friday, May 16, 2008

Furcal Extension Rumors Healthier Than Furcal Himself

From Jayson Stark at

ATTENTION, FREE-AGENT SHOPPERS: Will Rafael Furcal ever make it to the free-agent auction stand? Maybe not. There are indications his agent, Paul Kinzer, has told the Dodgers that he and Furcal have interest in talking in-season about an extension. And clearly, the Dodgers would share that interest, considering that Furcal leads their team in runs, hits, doubles, batting average and even homers. Furcal was also slugging .597 when he headed for the disabled list this week. The only Dodgers shortstop who ever even got within 140 points of that was Glenn Wright -- in 1930.

Rafael Furcal will be 31 at the beginning of next season. This will be his last chance at a big payday, which means his agent will be seeking a long-term deal. Like four years or more. Ned Colletti doesn't like giving out long-term deals, unless your name is Juan Pierre. Will Furcal's injury history work in Ned's favor? Or will he pay for some of Furcal's declining years in exchange for some stability at a crucial position?