Monday, May 12, 2008

Five Things That I Like On My Hand

1. My thumb. Really appreciate this appendage when I'm gripping things, or when I'm on a long plane ride and dependent upon my PSP to keep me entertained (note: God of War Chains of Olympus = beaten). Also comes in handy when I'm stranded on the side of the road.

2. My index finger. Effective in pointing things out to a crowd, particularly when used as a visual tool when simultaneously screaming "we're #1!". Unfortunately, hasn't gotten as much use lately at Dodger games, except to point at Andruw Jones (hard to miss) and scream, "you suck!"

3. My middle finger. See above, after Andruw Jones acknowledges said criticism while walking to the Dodgers' dugout after a strikeout, and yells something back. Really effective at getting the emotion of a specific sentiment across both succinctly and clearly.

4. My ring finger. Most notable for the platinum ring that sits at the base of the finger, this finger once didn't do much besides hit the letter "s" on a keyboard. Now, it serves as a symbolic testament to my union with my wife (except when I'm swimming, in which case I take the ring off so I don't lose it (which is not to say that I'm available and/or not married when I'm swimming (oh, never mind))).

5. My pinky finger. Once very useful when eating small crustless sandwiches at afternoon tea, a freak playground basketball accident caused me to lose range of motion a bit of late. Doesn't affect my ankle-breaking crossover dribble, but has negatively impacted my social skills when in England.


Eric Karros said...

What would we do without off-days?

Orel said...

Five things, probably.

Steve Sax said...

LOL Orel, nice.

karina said...

Steve Sax, you're reminding me of Nick Hornby:

Top 5 (High Fidelity) and Sports (Fever Pitch)

Rob said...

Re the ring finger: I do the same thing at the gym with lat pulldowns. My fingers get pinched between the bar and the ring if I don't, and it makes me feel very self-conscious when I take it off.

Steve Sax said...

Rob, maybe it's all those women hitting on you at the lat pulldown machine.