Sunday, May 11, 2008

Plaschke Fouls Out With Geometric Gaffe

Not even an extreme change in time zones can stop the eagle-eyed Sax from spotting Bill Plaschke's mistakes. From "Bryant's overtime performance a sore spot for Lakers":

In the final five minutes of regulation, after icing on the bench and collapsing on the court, Bryant directed a 12-point comeback that will rank among his finest Laker moments.

He could barely walk, but, man, could he see. He had five brilliant assists during that time, finding Derek Fisher for three consecutive three-pointers, discovering Gasol for a dunk, hitting Odom for a game-tying trey.

"It was perfect out there," said Luke Walton.

Then came the overtime, and Bryant did a perfect 360, and I'm not talking about a dunk.

He stopped passing. He stopped looking. Even though his shot was obviously being altered by his soreness, he started shooting.

(Emphasis ours.) You mean 180, Bill, but then that would ruin the metaphor. Or would it...?