Friday, May 30, 2008

The Goat is Dead

The Cubs have done it again. I walk away from my desk for a second, and poof... The Rockies seven run lead goes bye-bye. If the Cubs keep this up, there might not be any whiners left. (Though Philly's recent commemorating 100 seasons of sports futility comes close).

I tried to find a picture of a dead goat to post, which was the second dumbest thing I've ever done on GoogleImages. (Ranking behind only this)


Orel said...

You could have used a picture of Mark Sweeney.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

From anonymous (arrogant) Cubs fan, who was supposed to go to today's game:

"At least i was there on wednesday
when despite the presence of a free james loney they beat the dodgers 2 - 1."

Rob said...

So long as Jim Edmonds remains in a Cub uniform (and mark my words, his two-fer game with a home run and 3 RBIs is only a respite) there will be complainers. I'm married to ... oh, shh. Let's just say I don't blame her.