Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Man Hates Us All

I assume some of you caught Costas Now with H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger (Friday Night Lights, Penn alum, cousin to Pete Berg). Looking like a cross between Doc Brown and the Daily Show's Lewis Black, Buzz tore into Deadspin's Will Leitch as if he just Kobe'd Bissinger's Mom. You can read the legit NY Times take on the story, and the considerably more plebean Deadpsin coverage, including the video. Some of Bissinger's infuriated highlights include...

I really think you're full of shit. I think blogs are dedicated to cruelty to dishonesty, to speed.

Is this guy's name "BallsDeep?"

Here's insight in blogging? Cause it really pisses the shit out of me. It's the complete dumbing down of our society.

Well, as one/seventh of the nation's most feared Dodgers Blog, I'll like to take out my little soapbox (Irish Spring) and respond to Mr. Bissinger.

1. CLEARLY, you missed my piece on Zardoz!

2. Bloggers will not replace legit sports journalism, just like the YouTube video of a monkey enjoying his own pee won't replace Lost or How I Met Your Mother. (Though I do prefer it to Two and a Half Men.)

3. I might not have written Friday Night Lights (which I think actually was improved as a film and became a MODERN CLASSIC as a TV Show). I don't know M.C Heinz. I'm not on the field interviewing the players. And since this site doesn't have ESPN or CNNSI in the url, I don't really have to.

Like all the bloggers out there, I'm just a fan who buys six dollar hot dogs, eight dollar beers, screams, sulks, and loves the sport. So I'm allowed to get a little pissed when Andruw Jones makes more money than god and plays like George Burns. And last I checked, I'm not throwing batteries at him (though if he becomes a Phillie, he might not be so lucky). If a comparison to bloated Indy Jones or Curly Howard is the biggest obstacle Andruw Jones faces, then he's still got one amazing, high-paid life.

Mr. Lightyear, none of us are laying claim to be leading sports journalists. We're just a bunch of guys (and a few ladies) who like the game, and enjoy the fine art of kibbitzing. So get off your high horse, and tell me the last time the NY Times dared cover how Judaism can DIRECTLY lead to increased OBP.