Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sue Falsone: Pushing Limits

Don Mattingly Orders Five Pulled Hamstrings from Sue Falsone

I was working my way through some light reading and noted an article in ADVANCE for physical therapy and rehab medicine highlighting our own Sue Falsone. Interesting origin story detailing how she ended up in her current position with the Dodgers. chance, Falsone experienced a turning point in her life. "While I was in Phoenix, I read a magazine article about Nomar Garciaparra, who had won a batting title at the time with the Boston Red Sox," she related. "The article mentioned that he was training at a place called Athletes' Performance in Arizona. So I decided to look into that facility more and basically just showed up at their door."
So stalking Nomar was the ticket in! Great story. Here's to the first female head athletic trainer in major pro sports and to the Dodgers for continuing to break barriers. And here's hoping she can work her magic on Kemp to help keep him on the field the rest of the season.



Bobby said...

While there's a 99.99% it's all the injuries are an unfortunate coincidence between hammies 4 and 5 I did start to wonder if any recently implemented regimen could have played a role in all the injures.