Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dodgers Scrapbook Contest: Final Round!

I admit, I got busy at work. Which is why you probably don't remember this post of a month ago, which was round 2 in the slowest-moving contest in SoSG history (besides Smonkstakes--which lasted almost a year, and still to this day gets comments (3,875 and counting!)--of course). But this one is all my fault.

So here's how it goes: There are nine remaining candidates for the Dodgers 8x8 Ticket And Photo Scrapbook, courtesy of That's My Ticket. Those nine candidates are:

  • AlexMarkie
  • DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy
  • eddie.hyatt
  • karina
  • Mr. LA Sports Czar
  • Patrick G. Rockenbach
  • Pete&Eric
  • rbnlaw

Here's how we're going to play this: the Game Thread for tonight's game (June 5, 2012) goes up at 1:01 PM PT today. At that time, these nine contestants are able to slot themselves in order by making a comment in the GT. However, all comments (and entries) need to occur no later than 4:00 PM PT (as signified by the GT comment's time stamp). All candidates who are not able to get a comment registered in that three-hour block will be slotted in alphabetical order.

Those slots will then refer to the batting order tonight's game (i.e., the first comment / candidate will correspond to the leadoff slot in tonight's lineup). The Dodger player who registers the last Dodger hit of the game will signal the corresponding candidate as the contest winner. For example, if the five-hole player gets the last Dodger hit in tonight's game, the fifth-ordered candidate wins the scrapbook!

Hopefully, this will all work out (i.e., we won't be no-hit). Final award decisions subject to SoSG discretion. Good luck!


MR.F said...


spank said...

Ooo this is rough. I forgot about this contest. I doubt anyone comments.

Steve K said...

Yeah... that was rough. I think this post should magically disappear given that nobody involved actually commented. Or you could give it to Spank since the last hit came from the #2 spot.

Steve Sax said...

Wait, I thought the last hit corresponded with Mr LA SC?!

Steve K said...

Sax, I misread the rules... I thought it was who commented in this post, not the game thread! My mistake. Sorry!