Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dodgers Could Have Drafted Clemens

Dayn Perry compiled a fun list of draft-day near-misses, proving that hindsight is indeed perfect. While the Giants came out losers five times on the list, the Dodgers embarrassed themselves only once — but it was a doozy. From "One pick away: 20 great draft blunders" at CBSSports.com:

2. 1983 - Dodgers take Erik Sonberg at #18, Red Sox take Roger Clemens at #19

Question: What is 354? Answer: It's Sonberg's major-league win total subtracted from Clemens's major-league win total. It should be noted that 354 is also Clemens's major-league win total.

Does Erik Sonberg have a son? Because we just might end up drafting him.


Hideo Nomo said...

All the son-drafting is clearly a shout-out to this blog.

Steve Sax said...

Actually Ned is interested in picking up Clemens now

Loney Fan said...

How is that not one of the Dodgers best moves? F* Clemens.