Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vin Scully, on Sanity

Vin Scully on last night's Dodgers-Giants telecast, after Russell Martin was caught on camera talking to himself after grounding out in the ninth inning:

As Martin mutters to himself, I remember after Bobby Thomson's home run, Pee Wee Reese said to Jackie Robinson — and I was sitting there — "You know, Jack, of all the years I've played this game, I'm really surprised I haven't gone crazy."

AP photo


Paul said...

The definition of insainty is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It might be too late for Martin.

These days I can't believe they don't charge us extra to listen to someone as great as Vinny.

Kyle Baker said...

Of all the years I've watched this game, I'm really surprised I haven't gone crazy.

rbnlaw said...

Of all the years I've been a Dodger fan, I'm surprised I'm not crazier than I am.

We were ribbing the fans around us about being stuck with Jon Miller (he's good, but c'mon, he's a weaker version of Vin). One had the gumption to say Miller was a better Vin than Vin. He was also relentlessly tracking Chone Figgins' stats during the game because he's on this guy's fantasy team.

Topped off the SF trip by sharing the plane ride home with newly inducted Hall of Famer, Rickey Henderson. No lie, the guy was three rows in front of us on the flight from Oakland to Long Beach.
I think the Armada are putting him in their HOF.

Truncator said...

Can someone get Maury Wills to help Martin out with bunting?

Josh S. said...

"Can we stop asking Martin to bunt?" is the better question.