Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vin Scully, on His Own Terms

From "It's Not Certain Scully Will Retire After Next Season" by Mitch Chortkoff at the Santa Monica Mirror:

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, the conclusion was drawn that Vin Scully will retire after 61 years as the Dodgers' announcer following next season.

Since this is Scully's 60th year it had been speculated he might retire after this one. But Scully made it clear that won’t be the case.

"In my conversation with Bill Plaschke the subject of one more year came up and I said 'that makes sense,' Scully told me Sunday. "But I regret that I said that."

The fact is Scully hasn't made a decision on how much longer he'll work.

"And if I did make a decision I wouldn't reveal it," Scully told me. "It would be proper for the Dodgers to make the announcement."

So there you have it. Scully reserves the right to make his decision when he feels like it. And he's earned that right.

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(Thanks to Dodger Thoughts commenter underdog for the find!)


Jimbo said...

I'm blaming Bill Plaschke for this mix-up.

Josh S. said...

I'm blaming Bill Plaschke for global warming, the economic crisis, and how bad Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was.

Paul said...

It is funny Plaschke can touch on a topic as innocuous as giving Vinny props and still manages to cause a fountain of misinformation.

Do you think the third transformers movie will have the Dodgers ticket truck in it? And if so who should be the voice of said truck? Vinny?

NicJ said...

I think my avatar says it best.

Greg Zakwin said...

Josh S.- No movie with Megan Fox in it can be bad. It's just not possible.

rbnlaw said...

Vin=First Class
Plaschke=No Class.

Leave it to Vin to defer to his employer. Ever humble.