Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sights from yesterday's slobberknocker at AT&T Park:

"Good day to you sir. I said good day!"

Manny rollin' & tumblin'.

Andre Ethier ruins Tim Lincecum's day.

Under-appreciated pitcher-of-all-trades Jeff Weaver threw three scoreless innings.


Josh S. said...

That was probably the most fun series this year: Two solid wins and a wild loss that came down to two pitches. This is why baseball is so awesome.

Ken said...

i hate to use this term, but that was a throwaway game. ur bullpen vs the cy young winner.

they actually made it really close, and I was very impressed

Josh S. said...

Oh, and did anyone else think that Pablo's anger yesterday may have been a Rage Of Indeterminate Design?

Greg Zakwin said...

Ken- No need to hedge your post, throw-away-game is the only term for yesterday's game.