Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sometimes the Answer Is Right There in Front of You

Recently I made (what I thought were) unrelated posts ranting about random things in my life: Manny Ramirez making a guest appearance in my dreams, and my distress at the possible closing of the Mann Village Theatre. Leave it to SoSG reader Daniel, a Dodger fan in Brazil, to tie it all together (and with a happy ending!):

Hey Orel, you didn't notice the correlation between the Theatre and your dream?? Here we go:

-The Theatre name is MANN Village and you dreamed with Manny, almost equal names.

-The Theatre is known for his tower and you dreamed with Manny in a tower (I know that you dreamed with a cellphone tower, but still a tower)

-The tower collapsed in your dream, but Manny said: "That's all right, man, I'll be fine", this doesn't means that the tower of the Theatre is going to collapse, but that it will be OK, like Manny. This means no changes in your favorite theatre.

Is very important to catch that in your dream Manny is the theatre, and yes, the theatre talks to you.

Done, I Interpreted your Manny Dream.

Boom! I love our readers! You, sir, have a promising future in the lucrative industry of dream interpretation. Get Mann Theatres on the line — I can't wait to share the good news with them!

photo from Public Art in Los Angeles via Los Angeles Theatres


BrazilianDodgerFan said...

You really posted Orel!

Thank you!!

Orel said...

Let it not be said that SoSG Orel isn't a man of his word. Word.