Saturday, August 15, 2009

Post-Game 117 Thread: What's Worse?


I don't know what was worse: losing Hiroki Kuroda in the sixth inning on a vicious comebacker off of Rusty Ryal, which sent Kuroda out of the game on a stretcher; or seeing Jonathan Broxton squander a 3-1 lead in the ninth inning by giving up back-to-back jacks to Mark Reynolds and Miguel Montero. Ramon Troncoso eventually coughed up the game-winning single in the bottom of the tenth, leaving Dodger fans bent over by the side of the track and gasping heavily.

Both Kuroda and Broxton incidents felt like a kick to the nuts. Both of them left Dodger fans' hearts in their throats. And both of them are going to leave quite a mark (the Dodgers' lead over the idle Rockies is now a mere 4.5 games; the Giants also beat the Mets in the 10th).

In all seriousness, we can use a later time to overanalyze Broxton's inabilities to close out a game over the last month, and speculate (as Vin Scully did while calling the game) whether it's due to that inflamed toe of Broxton's. Right now, all Dodger hearts and prayers are with Hiroki Kuroda. Get well, big guy.


Kyle Baker said...

Good news from Dodgers site:

" PHOENIX -- Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda apparently escaped serious injury despite being hit on the side of the head above the right ear by a Rusty Ryal line drive in the bottom of the sixth inning of Saturday night's game with the D-backs, which the Dodgers lost, 4-3, in 10 innings.

Trainer Stan Conte said Kuroda never lost consciousness and a CT scan was negative, revealing no fractures or bleeding. Kuroda will be kept overnight at a local hospital for observation with a likely concussion, although doctors were willing to release him, Conte said."

There's more; this was just the first part.

Orel said...

I come home from a lovely dinner to this? Talk about bad omens.

Josh S. said...

Kuroda taking the hit is worse, of course. But Broxton's seems worse because he couldn't hold down the win for Hiro after what he went through. It would have meant so much to pull this one out.

It has to be Sherrill's turn for a while, right? Torre can't be that thick.

NicJ said...

Broxton has been bad, but the whole team has been playing like crap lately. Its either the offense is working and the pitching sucks or vice versa.

Loney and Blake are in a slump, Martin and Furcal have been underwhelming all year, Manny has just started to look like manny again.

Add that to the fact that Bills started to turn it around and now hit an injury patch, Hiro is in that same boat and will miss a few starts at least, Broxton has looked bad, Tron who seems to be overlooked is really struggling, and mota has gone back to terrible.

It just seems like the team is trying to coast to the playoffs and maybe started a little too early. Either that or we peaked like two months ago.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Maybe we were fooling ourselves all along.

Steve Sax said...

Tomorrow will turn things around for the Dodgers. just watch.

rbnlaw said...

Shut the hell up.

I know you weren't serious.

This is the June Swoon we were all expecting. OK, typing is getting tough after this many beers.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I had to sit this game out since I was having dinner with an old family friend. This is really tragic. The minute I saw Kuroda on the ground, I thought it'd be a miracle if he can recognize rapid-course direction, let alone be capable of pitching this season again. I'm glad to hear it's not serious.

Josh S. said...

They just need to get some momentum and figure out how to ride it. I thought the SF series was a good start, but Kershaw's meltdown derailed things. Tonight was definitely no help, but I'm betting they go out tomorrow and crush AZ for Hiro. Throw in a good start on Monday from Haeger, and baby, you got a stew goin'!

Orel said...

I admire your optimism, Josh!

Greg Zakwin said...

Josh S.- I wouldn't call Friday a meltdown for Kershaw, just a tough 2nd inning with some bad luck and bit of wildness.

Steve Sax said...

rbnlaw, did you get the tix? And are you going to the game on Tuesday?

rbnlaw said...

Got them, but I thought they're for Monday's game. . .I think.
Let me double check. Either way, I'm going.

Neeebs (The Original) said...


"Shut the hell up."

A little harsh, don't you think?

I didn't know that you had editorial privileges on this site.

And, no I wasn't kidding.