Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get Better, Kuroda

You too, Broxton (in a different way).

Hiroki Kuroda raises his arms as he is carried off the field after being hit in the head by at Rusty Ryal line drive in the sixth inning of tonight's game.

From the Daily News blog:

CAT Scans on Hiroki Kuroda taken at a nearby Phoenix hospital were negative. As soon as trainer Stan Conte came out to talk to the 34-year-old, he reportedly asked if anyone had caught the ball that bounced off his head.

That's the spirit, Kuroda-san!

Kuroda lucky to escape major injury (

photo by Ross D. Franklin/AP


Kyle Baker said...

Whoa...I'm seeing double MFPGTs. Must be all the PGT (Post Game Tequila) I've had.

Orel said...

I don't know what you're talking about! Maybe!

NicJ said...

Kuroda goes down, broxton blows another save, Orel blows a PGT. I can't take it anymore! What's next?!

Kyle Baker said...

Orel, you're on 15-day DL with a "hurt toe." Sax is new PGT closer (no word on how he wears his brim).

Josh S. said...

So glad Kuroda seems OK. I'm all for monitoring him, though. Head injuries can sneak up and be deadly if left unchecked.

I just watched the replay of the homers Brox gave up since I heard them on the radio. Kemp just looked so...defeated...after the first one. It's like he knew what was coming next.

Orel said...

"Orel, you're on 15-day DL with a 'hurt toe.' "

I wish I could take Broxton with me!

JuanLove said...

This is why I love Kuroda.

"One of the first things he asked out there was if anybody caught the ball out there, if it was an out," Conte said.

get well Hiro!

Kyle Baker said...

Just read a Tweet from Dodgertown USA:

"Hiroki Kuroda was discharged from the hospital this morning and is expected to rejoin the team today, we wish him the best in his recovery."

Horrible comma splice, but great news!