Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dodgers "Cede" Top Slot in ESPN's Power Rankings

Bristol, CT, rejoices as they can finally put one of the only two teams they follow in the catbird seat, as the Yankees take the top spot in ESPN's weekly Power Rankings ritual.

Whoop de frickin' do. I'm not saying the Dodgers don't deserve to go down a notch after losing their claim to the best record in the majors.

I just don't think they care, in the first place.


Paul said...

I always thought if we could just break the record for most consecutive weeks on top of ESPN's power rankings the season would be complete. See ya guys next spring!

More importantly the Natz win 8 in a row and get no love? Is this ranking system accumaltive, speculative, based on compound interest? Oh all the questions I have but a formula involving the minds at ESPN has to be very very complex.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Rosenthal says Dodgers almost got Bell from the Padres.

Josh S. said...

Rosenthal also says the sky is purple and Michael Jackson is still alive.

Wesley Vento said...

This power rankings nonsense is a product of ESPN "experts" ranking teams. You know, experts like John Kruk and Steve Phillips. Whenever I think hard-hitting baseball analysis, I think of Steve Phillips. Then I ask myself why I'm not a bigger Mets fan, since Jose Reyes is the greatest baseball player to ever live.

StolenMonkey86 said...

ESPN Power Rankings are just the friggin' league standings. That's why the Nats have won 8 straight and are still 30th.