Friday, August 07, 2009

Beating a Dead Prince

William Gomez.

William Gomez makes biggest save of the Dodgers' season (Bill Plaschke, LA Times)

Thanks to SoSG reader Sam Silbereich for the YouTube tip:

Check out Josh Rawitch's taken-aback expression at 0:48. Priceless.

And from Michael Becker at the Press-Enterprise blog:

For seven years, William Gomez manned his post in front of the Dodgers clubhouse without incident, opening the door, closing the door, and occasionally turning away the overzealous fan.

That is until Prince Fielder came rushing toward the clubhouse door Tuesday demanding entrance.

Gomez, a 34-year-old from Boyle Heights, didn't quite know what was happening but he did know this: "He wasn't going to get past the door," Gomez said. [...]

"I'm not really the type of person to seek out the spotlight," Gomez said. "It's something that just happened. This is my position. Something just told me, 'Don't let him in. Do whatever it takes.'"

I can vouch for Gomez's low-key demeanor. On my first clubhouse visit, I tried to get his name so I could mention him in my post. But he demurred, not wanting to call attention to himself. But he can't hide from the congratulations he deserves now. Kudos, William!

Also: Fines but no suspensions for Prince Fielder and Guillermo Mota (LA Times)

photo by Alex Gallardo/LA Times


Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

Word on the street is that the Mets might make Billy Wagner available if he recovers by August 31. Sounds interesting...

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

Also, Milwaukee release Swindle, Oakland released Giambi, and Minnesota got Pavano.

rbnlaw said...

In another life, I sold cable TV in Boyle Heights. I wouldn't mess with any dood from that area.

Good luck to the Twinkies with Pavano. His last start vs. the Lost Angels of Anaheim netted back-to-back-to-back dingers. Do not want.

Giambi is interesting if Mientkiewicz can't recover from the shoulder. A lefty with power off the bench in the 7th or 8th would be nice as a PH. You think Wagner still has good stuff?

Hong Like a Chih Kuo said...

Read on MSTI that Stults got pulled from his start at Albuquerque, Tony Abreu is ready to come up, and Belly is also finished with his rehab. We could see plenty of roster moves within the organization this weekend.

Mr. Customer said...

"In another life, I sold cable TV in Boyle Heights..."

Tough gig. I did a construction job down there a few years ago, I was thinking the same thing.

Josh S. said...

@HLACK: Yeah, everybody's buzzing about who goes down to make room for those three guys.

Torre's comment about asking Schmidt about his shoulder before Monday might mean he's heading for the DL again. I suppose they may just release him. McDonald and Elbert (or maybe Weaver instead of Elbert if Elbert is the new long man) look to be headed back to ABQ.

Josh S. said...

Whatever happens, this team is going to have DEPTH after the September call-ups.

Mr. Customer said...

It will be nice to get the bullpen a little breathing room, that's for sure.

Delino DeShields said...

Prince Fielder went after Mota like he was made out of ham.