Sunday, August 02, 2009

100SS: Day 6 Results

National television seemed to boost our game of 100SS, (rules are posted here), with our series victory in Atlanta providing good fodder for the game:

100: Mr. LA Sports Fan again displays his proficiency at +100; Orel -10

200: EK lurks and scores the +200

300: Orel nails the +300, with Erin #2 -30

Orel gets to a crazy 1680, and the race for second heats up with Mr LA SF at 1060 and Eric Karros close behind at 1040 points. Sidebar updated!

Good luck tomorrow in Game 7!


rbnlaw said...

My "Wait and Conquer" strategy is working perfectly.

Kyle Baker said...


It's your Vichy France approach, right?

rbnlaw said...

Yes, without the capitulation.