Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Updated PCS Rankings

Read 'em and weep:

(750 possible points)

Player (Wins)
PCS Tour
mr customer
j steve
loney fan
keven c

Others receiving votes: josh s 151, m.l.a.s.f. 129, fred's brim 90, awesome 85, m.s.t.i. 80, karina 75, neeebs, 75, gil gamesh 75, wicks 70, drewdez 50, erin 50, ll cool l 50, natalie 50, midnightdrive 50, dusto magnifico 45, rbnlaw 35, dangarion 30, brandon 15, lauro 10, nic j 10, rob 10

With today's rankings release comes a brief overview of the major PCS rivalries:

  • UBragg vs Mr Customer - The fight for puzzle supremacy rages on. Mr Customer edged out UBragg for the top spot in the first prize give-away, but UBragg has since surged ahead and shows little sign of slowing down. But I'd advise both to keep an eye out for threats both past and future in the form of ex-champ Jose and relative newcomers BWrightson and Keven C, all of whom are quietly inching upwards.
  • QuadSevens vs Jose - These were the two who battled each other throughout last year, with Quad dominating the 1st half and Jose dominating the 2nd half. Is the same trend going to hold true this year?
  • QuadSevens vs Loney Fan - Yes, Quad has two arch-rivals. I am unsure of the origins of this one, but its genesis may lie with SoSG March Madness or SoSG Baseball. The two are separated by a mere 17 points.
  • Neeebs vs Karina - I'm not sure why, but I'm throwing down this rivalry right now. It seems appropriate. They've been within a few PCS points of each other all season long and now find themselves tied at 75.
  • Berkowit28 vs Forgetting it was a Puzzle Day, Lacking Pop Culture Knowledge, Lacking a Color Printer, Misreading Martin for Milton, Facing Puzzles That Are Solved Differently Than Previous Puzzles, and Not Having Even Two Colored Pencils Much Less Seven - How much misfortune can one man take? Despite being disadvantaged again and again by fate's cruel sense of humor, this week he still managed to enter the top 5. And I thought Jim Abbott's no-hitter was impressive.

So there you have it. And don't forget, there are two puzzles next week:

  • Monday, July 13, 7am
  • Wednesday, July 15, 7am - Grand Slam!


Josh S. said...

Woo-hoo! Best of the rest!

Loney Fan said...

I was doing so well in my anger management classes. My sponsor told me just yesterday that I had a breakthrough. I had totally forgotten about my feud with Quad since I have not been a contender in the puzzle championship all year. But EK has dragged me back in by pointing out that Quad is within striking distance. BEWARE QUADSEVENS! I don't have the confidence to claim that I will be the first answer in, but I guarantee that I will beat QUAD in the next puzzle.

MR.F said...

I just shoot for an everyday workman-like consistency, like Matt Kemp or Chad Billingsley.

rbnlaw said...

I'd just like to solve one of these things. The color path puzzle was as close as I've ever come.

My answer was going to be Tim Leary, so I have some work to do.

Steve K said...

Tasks for the next two All-Star Break puzzles:

1. Be in town.
2. Find myself an arch-nemesis.

Task 1 is no problem since I'll be here. As for Task 2... doesn't being in the middle of a three-way race for the illustrious sixth-place count for anything?!? :)

QuadSevens said...

Gaining ground on Jose is going to be tough. He's a former champ so we all have our hands full with him.

Loney Fan calling me out!?!? I'd just like to point out that after this next puzzle LF, you'll be losing 100 points off the backend while I'm only dropping 63. That means my lead over you is actually 56 points, not 19. I'm going to be ready this Monday to take you down! Like they say in those Southwest commercials, "It's on!"

berkowit28 said...

J Steve, I think it's you and me duking it out for "middle of the table" most weeks. We can be archrivals, if you like. (OK, I'm picking an opportune moment as I inch ahead for perhaps the first time?) In my case, it's having to contend with all those misfortunes EK has thoughtfully recapped. Your handicap may be that initial "J" you took on board this year, emulating J. Martin, as you told us earlier. You may now be inextricably tied to Martin's progress for the rest of the year. He seems to be picking up lately, and you will probably overtake me next week.

Steve Sax said...

J steve, berk is using the reverse-psychology action on you! Don't get lulled into complacency!

Eric Karros said...

Ohio State to Michigan: "We can be archrivals, if you like."

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Hey, none of those rivalries really matter, except the WORLD MATCHUP between Estados Unidos v. Venezuela.

Two clueless, but sometimes lucky puzzlers matched against each other for the rest of the season.

No more Rancho Ariendos.

Bring it!

Loney Fan said...

HAHA hilarious as usual EK!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I guess I'm rivals with Josh over who headlines the losers.

karina said...

Neeebs: i wouldn't think of a better rivalry, since we're the Juan Pierre of SoSG puzzlers. Beware, from now on, the Rancho is always ARDIENDO.

However EK, i think our scores have dropped significantly since the last rankings, why?

Neeebs (The Original) said...


I thought that too about the scores. But I think that it is a rolling average of the last number of puzzles, so with each new puzzle, the last puzzle at the end gets dropped.

Nostradamus said...

This next puzzle is a big one for me, since UBragg will lose his high finish for puzzle 4, and will probably have to finish in the top 2 to hold ground. I finished dead last on that one, so if I can finish among the top 2 or 3, those points are all gravy.

Assuming I can deliver next Monday, that will leave the grand slam to sort out the issue, which is as it should be.

Eric Karros said...

Karina - Neeebs is correct. With these rankings, the points earned from the Cosmic Conundrum puzzle were lost, in which you and Neeebs scored 100 and 79, respectively. So you guys lost those points and earned 10 and 0, respectively. So your scores should net out to be -90 and -79, respectively vs last rankings.

karina said...

I see, Eric. I didn't understand, i suck at numbers (and puzzles)