Friday, July 10, 2009

The Sad, Sad Tale of Mr. Met

My soon-to-be Year One son (a.k.a. DeBaby DeShields) recently received the kind of gift that could put him on the path of overpaid mediocrity.

Actually, I might prefer him to be overpaid and mediocre than underpaid and awesome. But I digress.

Unfortunately, Rusty Staub's kid book did not include the drug-, booze- and babe-fueled Mets of 1986. And to quote everyone's who's seen it, it's a choking hazard in September.

Out of curiosity, I looked up what other Mr. Met books are out there. The results are a little disconcerting.

Hopefully the last book is merely a rumor - Mr. Met's the last Opening Day starter not on the DL.


wrveres said...


fanerman said...

Considering Mr. Met's previously documented infidelity, maybe Book 3 isn't so out of the question.

Delino DeShields said...

Mrs. Met has her own tell-all book coming out