Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Roy Halladay Available...for a Price

From "GM preps Halladay for potential trade" at ESPN.com:

Toronto Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi has spoken with Roy Halladay and prepared him for the possibility that he will bring trade possibilities to the pitcher in the weeks or months ahead.

Halladay, 32, has a no-trade clause that will allow him to dictate whether he will be dealt before he becomes eligible for free agency next fall.

"He's open to at least listening," said Ricciardi. "He's not going to be a guy who will let you do all the work [preparing for a possible trade], and then he's not willing to listen. If it makes sense, he will listen." [...]

The Jays would want one of the Dodgers' best young starters for Halladay -- either Clayton Kershaw or Chad Billingsley -- and that figures to be a deal-breaker for L.A.

"I need a leg. How much for that leg? My arm? Deal!"

UPDATE: Hey, Dodgers and Angels fans, what's your trade for Roy Halladay? (Bill Shaikin, LA Times) (Hat tip: SoSG reader Ben.)


Steve Sax said...

Glad to find out that Halladay is open to listening. That's big of him, being saddled with a AL East also-ran and all.

Josh S. said...

Quick, get Randy to work some Jedi mind tricks to get them to to take Elbert for Halladay straight up.

Hong Like a Chih Kuo said...

I'd move some farm pieces (DeWitt, Paul, Elbert, etc.) for Halladay, but not anyone from the big league roster...well...maybe Slappy Mc Slapperson.

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

Five names that must be uttered by Colletti to even garner interest from the Jays: Kemp, Broxton, Billingsley, Kershaw, Ethier.

Have fun in Toronto, Doc!

Anonymous said...

No Halladay.

No Lee.

Even Washburn seems doubtful. Who else is out there?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't realize the Indians were 33-50. Well, maybe we got a shot at Lee, but still, he'll probably cost an arm and a leg, plus he's another lefty. Damn the wild card, this market needs some more sellers!

Steve Sax said...

Hey Roy, Toronto won't be the only thing ice-cold by late August.

Ben said...


I do agree. I would DEFINITELY give up beast mode for an arm like Halladay. Farm stuff, obviously even DeWitt, would be better, but if its gotta be a "main" man, JP is the one to go!

After looking at some stats, the Blue Jays' LF position is expensive to them and they have 3 (totaling close to 7 Million). And unfortunately, the other two outfield positions are quite expensive, too.

We can only pray...

Nic j said...

Yeah were not getting lee for cheap either. Keep in mind we had to give up our top catching prospect and someone else just to get Blake.

Btw. Carlos Santana is rated the top midseason prospect by baseball America. That hurts a little everytime I see Russ ground out to the shortstop.

rbnlaw said...

I've been over Carlos Santana since "Evil Ways." Sort of overrated as a guitarist and not a great songwriter.

Now, Angels' fans are praying Juan Rivera gets hot as hell so they can use him to get Lee. Sounds like Halladay is a better option seeing what the Jays have in left.

We can afford to give up DeWitt and possibly J-Mac for Cliff Lee. I'm not crazy about getting Halladay.