Thursday, July 09, 2009

Post-Game 84 Thread, Part Two: There's Something Wrong With Ethier

Man, that was a disappointing GIDP, with runners on first and second, one out, and Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez flailing around like a fish on land after giving up a homerun to Manny Ramirez. GIDP, game over, and the hapless Mets stumble into a win. Andre Ethier ends the game 0-for-5 with 8 total LOB, and the Dodgers lose 5-4.

Look, I know Ethier is our walk-off king this year. But he is on a wicked 3-for-30 streak and has one multi-hit game in his last 10 games. Maybe Joe should give Andre a day off, rather than sitting Loney (especially at the end, when we could have used Loney to PH rather than send up Ethier, as Erin pointed out in our GameThread).

And maybe enough with the yoga thing, which hasn't helped Russell Martin at the plate this year, either.


Penos Cabell said...

Andre needs a day off.

But if Joe Torre is gonna put him out there again, then he needs to bat him in front of Manny. It's where Andre has thrived.

Fred's Brim said...

I know Andre has struggled recently but how could you think of PHing for Dre with his late inning history? I don't think Loney improves the odds much, if at all.

Plus all of his previous ABs were vs lefties. Krod (Mandoon?) was the first righty he faced all day

Alex Cora said...

Once again sax - seamless photoshop.